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resindential glass serviceNo matter where you live or work, the chances that you will need a glass repair service is almost 100%. Finding the right information and getting the job done as soon as possible is sometimes very stressful. This is why I have created this site to give you the tools and information you need to know before spending your time or money.

Hiring a contractor? You can find all you need to know when it comes to hiring glass company. Taking care of your glass can give you many more years before replacing the glass. Make sure you follow my advice to help your glass and save your money for other home projects. For those of you that have foggy windows, I have more information why defogging is not the answer. On this article you can find why I prefer replacing insulated glass than choosing other methods.

The most common type of glass service is either single pane glass or double pane glass. If your house is not too old, most likely your windows have insulated glass instead of single pane. Low-e glass is the standard for new constructions, so your house might have double pane glass with low-e glass.

Mirrors are the next most popular service for homes and businesses, but this service is mainly used in bathrooms and in certain areas to enhance the appearance. There are many colors, shapes, options for mirrors. Your glass consultant can show you all the options available when it comes to mirrors. You can also find much information about mirrors in the appropriate section.

Shower enclosures is also a very popular service and I have dedicated section for just shower enclosures. I have installed many types of enclosures and the most beautiful are the frameless showers. This service is very expensive and requires a lot of experience to install one.

Table tops or glass tops is equally important and I offer a lot information such as articles, photos, and details that must taken into consideration when shopping for new glass tops. Keep in mind that while your furniture comes with the glass, don’t expect that replacing the glass will be cheap. No matter how small the glass top is, glass company usually a minimum service charge of more than $50 depending who you call.

Sliding patio door glass or patio door glass is also very popular in most homes, so I have written a few pages about them. You can find the standard sizes, type of glass, and how to take care of them while working around sliding door glass for your home. There is also a faq section about new installation, manufacturers, and selecting the best option for your future project.