Our company offers a wide range of local glass, screen and storm window products and services to choose from.

Park Ridge area Services

Whether you are looking to replace the window parts or want to replace a bad or broken window glass unit, we will be here to offer our repair services.

We offer

Tempered Glass

We offer new tempered glass units for your storm door inserts and bathroom applications.

We Provide

Laminated Glass

We provide laminated or plexi glass services for a wide range of window styles including storm windows.

Our team handles

Foggy Window Glass

We replace bad thermal units with brand new sealed argon gas style double panes or triple panes.

New glass Units

Replacing broken windows panes isn’t the same as restoring them to their original state. Broken glass in your windows have to be completely replaced. Our team is fully qualified to do the work that you require.

You will be required to find someone who has experience installing glass units into your windows and our team can get the installation done as quickly as possible.

Window Repair

Local full service window repair for hardware and parts.

We offer full service window repair for many different issues such as your balancing system that helps your window stay up and other issues such as cranking open your windows. If these systems fail to operate properly we can definitely assist you.

The Process


Rough Estimate

We work closely with many of our customers to provide the window repair service they are looking for. Just think about all of the individual pieces of glass in a home window.



You have the parts on the windows. You have the glass in the frames. You have the mesh in the screen. We will give you a full proposal for the work you require.



Are you in the market to replace a broken window? Our glass repair specialists are happy to replace your old glass with new panes of glass quickly and efficiently.



When choosing the best window glass service, you must ensure that you have a professional who can provide you with assistance with every step of the process.